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and thorough testing of each machine. (this also includes the refrigeration unit)

Total conversion of each machine to vend 16 and 20 ounce bottles.

We Sell 20 oz Machines Starting At Only $950.00 Dollars
- Vends 16 and 20 ounce bottles
- Cleaning & Testing all equipment
- All new decals and displays
- Refurbish Refrigeration Unit

NOTE: Mouse over the machine for cabinet's interior view.
List of Additional Services

New Decals & Displays:
Re-decal the sides of the machine and install new display.
(We always remove old decals before applying new)
..........Price: $150 - includes decals and display items
Cabinet Painting & Touch-ups: entire exterior cabinet and door, along with repairing any holes or small dents.
..........Price: $145
Refurbish the refrigeration unit. This includes a new R12 compressor and filter / dryer.
..........Price: $250
Repair refrigeration unit. This includes repairing any leaks and replacing the condenser fan if it is required.
..........Price: $125

  We also refurbish and repair SNACK, FOOD, and COFFEE Machines. Call for a quote!

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Conversion Requirements

+Only Dixie Narco Machine
+Interior cabinet width must be approx. 34.5"
(typical 7-10 select cabinet)
+Not Serpentine Load

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